*Complete information about nasic©

nasic© originates in Germany. Launching nasic© on this market meant the introduction of a nasal spray containing the innovative combination of active substances, namely Xylometazoline, which has a decongestant effect and dexpanthenol, which facilitates healing.

In Germany, nasic© has been one of the top brands in the nasal spray segment for over a decade. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, nasic© has managed to conquer more and more markets over the last few years. nasic© is currently available in 15 countries - it was introduced in Romania in 2008.

1. nasic© - for rhinitis
nasic© with double action
decongests the nose quickly
and speeds up healing of irritated nasal mucosa

This is why nasic© is a solution for rhinitis!

nasic© contains the following active substances:
- Xylometazoline 1 mg/ml
- Dexpanthenol 50 mg/ml

Usage and availability:
Dosage for adults and children over 6 years of age: a fluff in each nostril, maximum 3 times a day, no more than 7 days.
10 ml
Available in pharmacies

nasic© mode of action
nasic© contains a combination of two active substances: xylometazoline, which releases the clogged nose and dexpanthenol, which accelerates the healing of irritated nasal mucosa. This combination of active substances shortens the duration of rhinitis.

2. nasic© - for children