Klosterfrau Presentation

Your strong partner in meeting consumer health & well-being needs

Klosterfrau - heritage of Maria Clementine Martin

1775 MCM is born in Brussels, Belgia

1815 Nursing soldiers during battle of waterloo, applying sound knowledge on medicinal plants

1826 Founding of company in Cologne, Germany, registered as "Maria Clementine Martin Klosterfrau"

1843 MCM passed away, company keeps growing- awarded on various world exhibitions (1852/1880)

Klosterfrau today

A modern and innovative international pharmaceutical company

Tradition combined with focus on innovations based on natural substances

Leading OTC supplier (no. 3 in German OTC market)

1. NASIC - #2 brand in Germany market and high growth potential asset

nasic ® is the original with the active ingredient combination of the proven agent xylometazoline, which reduces the swelling of the nasal mucosa, and dexpanthenol, which supports its healing. Our nasal spray offers double action – making it easy for users to choose our nasal spray.

For any person 2+ y.o suffering from blocked nose and looking not only for one of the most effective decongestant spray in the market but also for the product that provides extra care for their nasal mucosa preventing it from dryness and irritation.

As nasal decongestant category is mainly driven by self-medication, key role in brand choice recommendation is driven by pharmacists & their assistants. Doctors (ENT, GPs) play much lower but still significant role through prescription.

Market is dominated by mono substance products, while in duo combination segment nasic is an undisputable leader though being continuously challenged by more and more generics coming into the market at a lower price.

Brand Positioning
There is no better care for your blocked nose than nasic because nasic has the plus

Consumer Insight
I need to relieve my blocked nose quickly and without the soreness and redness I get with excessive blowin

Therapeutic indication: For the decongestion of the nasal mucosa during rhinitis and the supportive treatment of cutaneous and mucosal wound healing, for relief of vasomotor rhinitis (rhinitis vasomotorica) and for the treatment of impaired nasal respiration after nasal surgery. nasic is indicated in adults and children aged from 2 years (nasic kids).

2. neo-angin - strong brand in a sore throat category
3. junior-angin - the expert for sore throats and more for children