KAdermin Spray

KAdermin Spray is a unique, innovative and very effective product in healing and preventing wound re-infection.​

KAdermin Spray is recommended for the treatment of all types of skin injuries:​
Minor: wounds, cuts, scrapes, sunburns, rashes, eczema, mycosis
Major: diabetic foot, bedsores, oozing wounds, ulcerative lesions, surgical lesions, episiotomy or irritation caused by urinary incontinence.​

Innovative technology for the treatment of skin lesions​

The SCX complex consisting of silicon dioxide optimized with silver ions and chlorhexidine ​
Silver ions are photochemically unstable, light can cause Ag+ photoreduction in Ag° and thus considerably decreases the antimicrobial action. ​

KAdermin’s patented SILVERSIL CLOREX (SCX) formula guarantees the photochemical and thermal stability of silver ions.​

SILVERSIL CLOREX has a unique and innovative action mechanism through its interaction with all active ingredients.​

1. Desinfects the wounds and kills all known germs, bacterias and viruses
Silver ions
Hyaluronic acid
Unique mode of action
Hyaluronic acid and kaolin - specific action

Kaolin acts as an absorbent material for oozing wounds, and hyaluronic acid acts as a film-forming polymer, helping to hydrate the tissues and speeding up the healing process.​
Chlorhexidine and silver ions - Synergistic action

Antibacterial, antiseptic and disinfectant properties​. Together they destroy over 650 different strains of bacteria (including MRSA), viruses and fungi​. Does not develop bacterial resistance.​

2. Fastens the heal process and prevents forming the unesthetical scars
3. Advantages of KAdermin Spray
4. When do you recommend Kadermin spray
KAdermin KAdermin

KAdermin Spray
SCX powder (silicium dioxide functionalized with silver ions and chlorhexidine), kaolin, hialuronic acid.

  Usage recommendations: Shake well before use
It is applied to clean and dry skin
Apply once a day

Package: Spray – 125 ml