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junior-angin - high quality, adapted to the needs of children

The quality and safety of a product are particularly important for children's medicines. Junior-angin products are medical devices that have been specially designed for children, and in terms of composition, shape and taste, they are ideally suited to the needs of children.

Due to its natural ingredients, junior-angin offers an efficient and delicate solution.

junior-angin is produced in Germany to the highest quality standards - therefore, it offers a complete package in terms of quality, tolerance and efficiency.

1. junior-angin - pills for children
Naturally relieves sore throats - for children as young as 4 years old.
It relieves pain in the throat and relieves children’s irritated throat
It forms a soothing protective film on the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, which prevents the penetration of pathogens
Delicious strawberry flavour, loved by children

Contains stone lichen, an effective natural ingredient.

One pill contains
- Iceland moss (6,67 mg)
- Calcium pantothenate (6,67 mg)

Usage and availability:
Dosage: Children above 4 years of age, one pill every 2-3 hours (at most 3 pills a day).
24 pills
Available in pharmacies
2. junior-angin - syrup for children