Hepatargine Forte

Supports a healthy liver

Hepatargine Forte® contain a unique combination of amino acids - arginine and betaine, which are ESSENTIAL for the restoration and normalization of the hepatobiliary system.​

Arginine and betaine are clinically proven, work ​synergistically to regenerate, ​protect and detoxify the liver.​

  • stimulates liver activity​
  • contributes to the detoxification​ of the liver​
  • has an antioxidant effect​
  • saturates the liver with oxygen​
  • reduces fatigue​
  • normalizes microcirculation
  • helps in the regeneration of​ hepatocytes​
  • reduces inflammation and hypoxia​
  • reduces the formation of free radicals
  • normalizes high levels of ammonia​
  • anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory​
  • Recommended for ​liver steatosis (fatty liver)​
  • favours fat removal
  • Reduces fatty dystrophy of the liver​
  • ensures the transport of triglycerides
  • ensures the biosynthesis of phospholipids
  • contributes to the oxidation of fats​
Arginine Betaine

1. Mechanisms of action at the liver cell level
Protects liver cells
Favours maintaining and restoring the cellular structure​
Stabilizes the membranes of liver cells
Favours the elimination of toxins from the body​
Improves intracellular metabolism in hepatocytes​
Reduces inflammation and hypoxia​
Reduces the formation of harmful free radicals for liver cells​

2. Benefits of administration
3. Recommended for​
4. Recommended dose and mode of administering